Online conference: The Revolutionary Alternative to Capitalism’s Climate Disaster

Tuesday 19th October 2021

The conference is on Sunday 14th November.

Speakers so far include:

· Sabrina Fernandez (Brazil) · Alex Callinicos (Britain) · Özdeş Özbay (Turkey) · John Molyneux (Ireland) · Gyekye Tanoh (Ghana) · Michelle Robidoux (Canada) · Amy Leather (Britain) · Erima Dall (Australia) · Martin Empson (Britain)

Sessions include: The Limits of COP26 and Capitalist Solutions · Marxism, Class and Ecology · Stopping Environmental Destruction – Fighting for System Change

This November the UN COP26 climate conference will be in Glasgow. It will take place during a year of climate disaster and marks a quarter century of failure by mainstream politics to deal with the environmental crisis.

The free-market, neo-liberal solutions on offer at COP26 and its predecessor conferences will do nothing for ordinary people facing unprecedented disaster. Instead the powerful economies of the Global North will use COP26 to push their own agenda – solutions that enrich the 1% while failing the majority of the world. It is the same inequality that has seen the poorest people in the world suffer most during the Covid pandemic.

COP26 will not go unchallenged. There will be major protests, climate strikes and counter-summits by activists demanding radical alternatives. The failure to deal with climate change is not just about the COP process. It’s a structural problem with capitalism – a system addicted to fossil fuels and profit for the sake of profit. In order to get climate justice, we need revolutionary politics to challenge the capitalist system.

This online conference, the weekend after COP26 and the protests, will bring activists together to hear from revolutionary socialists across the world and discuss the socialist answer to environmental disaster.

You can sign up for the conference through this link: